Gas Tank - Fuel Pump Install

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Jun 10, 2013
Atlanta, Ga
So i been having a intermitant fuel pump issues and my gas tank was leaking from a couple spots. Also had more gas in the take than i wanted too when i started the swap. So i removed the fuel feed line from the fuel filter, placed it in a container and just cycled the key forward in the ignition until it was pretty low on the gauge. Think you can cycle it from the jumper wire in the test port also but i just felt like doing it this way. Here are a few pics of old stuff and new stuff, also have a pic if the new BBK 155lph fuel pump, notice who's name is on it and it says Made in the USA :nice:
Also coating the new tank with some rubberized sh!t, says it deadens sound too.




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Here she is all back together, really like how the rubber coating spray sound deadend the gas tank, went ahead and cleaned and sprayed the under side too, couldn't hurt adding more sound deadning under the spare tire area to help with road noise.
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Lookin good Bro.

So I waited the rain out and then slid the tank underneath to hook up the lines, went to check the fuel pressure with a couple key forward cycles and wouldn't ya know my fuel pressure feed line had a couple pin hole leaks in the plastic coupling at the housing on the tank ....FML:bang:

So that means my old tank probably isn't leaking like i thought :nonono:
Still needed the fuel pump so while i was there, thought I'd just add more money :rolleyes:
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This is the part that screwed me, it was on the underside so i didn't see it. Had a small fountain stream when i slid it one way or another, ...Lord watching over me when it was on my old tank that i thought was leaking ....Wheeeew!!!

Just went and got some new fuel line and just ran a hard line from the tank to the filter. Psi is at 39-40 but when i shut it off it raises a hair.

How long did you spend dropping the tank/re-installing it? Doesn't seem real difficult, but just curious.

I have a leak when I fill my tank all the way up, and I've had some intermittent fuel pump issues as well. Considering dropping the tank and replacing the pump, but didn't think about replacing the tank itself. I guess I figured it's probably a seal leaking (maybe where the fuel pump is?) rather than the tank itself.
Dropping the tank doesn't take long if you're just replacing fuel pump etc, it's just lowering the jack on a piece of wood onto two coffee cans on the ends is how I balanced it. Bricks could work too. But I had bad weather the entire weekend so I had to pick my times, water heater is in the garage so I had to keep the fumes away from it. I also took my time cleaning and spraying the underside of the spare tire, painting the new tank etc in between weather storms. After doing it once you'll definitely be faster, but using the jack, balancing, sliding the wood back in forth to drop the straps all by yourself is a little tedious. I used a longer piece of wood cause i was by myself with no help. Easiest way I found was to remove the strap closest to filler neck first. Then slid the wood over and removed the left strap. I used the filler neck, still in the tank and the left strap to hold the tank slightly to slide the wood over to to the right to remove the left strap.