Gauge cluster for 65 coupe

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You can order one from me for $1500 :banana: , or you can make your own. (600 bucks total I think).

All you need is a 65 GT or 66 cluster (slightly different design, but both are the same demensions. They are the 5 circle cluster)

You also need some guages of course (autometer is what I chose) and a dremel.

I can't remember off hand what size I ordered for the autometer guages. I ordered the WATER, VOLTS, GAS, and OIL guages the same sizes. I had to round out the openings in the bezel. It is a bit of work, but worth it. I also bought a 160 MPH speedo that dropped right in. The small guages will be held in behind the outer ring on the acutal guage. You just have to drop them in from the outside to in.

I don't have any pictures because I don't have access to download, but I am going to try to this week. I finished my 65, and it is really bad ass.


None really. I just don't have a turn signal light on my guages anymore. I have to remember to put my signal back to the middle. Other than that, it is awesome. You can light or dim the guages just like stock. It doesn't look crazy modern. It looks like a race car with all my stuff in it. I have the chrome rings and black face guages.
steel1212 said:
I saw a nice panel that allowed you to put after market guages in the normal panel on horse power tv. Now I can't find it. Any ideas? :shrug:

JME makes an exceptional bolt in an go unit that if you don't go overboard with style or gauges can be had for the $800 ballpark.

There is also the Shelby R model panel which is under $100 that holds 6 after market gauges and then gets installed in the location where the stock cluster used to be. It does however, require a little bit more work to install than the JME set up.

Hanline also makes a set up similar to the JME gauges for a little less money.

Here is a comparison shot of JME vs Shelby R model