Gauge Pods?

big blue

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Jul 23, 2002
lexington, ky
I have seen many different types of gauge pods, most for the A pillar and around the instrament cluster. What other types are out there?:shrug: Any you guys recomend? Might be looking for a boost gauge soon?:D



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I placed an order for the instrument cluster bezel type dual gauge pod from but they haven't processed my order (placed it like monday...) and when I called they said they would call me back...and haven't yet...but atleast they didn't charge my card... ~sigh~

My vote would be for cluster bezel type, keeps the car clean and stockish looking. :)
You also have the option of getting the clock pod bezel. I'm have one. I will be running the FP & WT gauges in it. They're for 94-97 cars. The 98's clock pod mounts different, but I think you can modify it a little to install it.

I have no idea if they will mount in new edge cars, though.
I got my guage pod from summit racing and painted it to match, fuel pressure and boost, I could not find an a- pillar pod for the 04 vert at the time. I like the location because my brave passengers can observe the boost and watch the fuel pressure bounce around!


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