Getting 347, What else will i need?


Oct 12, 2005
Getting, end of June, CHP street fighter 347. What will i need to accompany this.
It is an extra $250 to get balanced at 50oz.
Is there any way to rebalance my existing flywheel?
I would also need a dampner.
Anything else?
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Aug 7, 2002
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If the chp kit is balanced to a 28 oz flywheel, just save the $250 and put that towards a new aftermarket flywheel and possibly save a few bucks and have a better balance.


Good Luck!


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Mar 9, 2000
Jacksonville, FL
when I said bracing, I really meant a main girdle. Some people think they work, some don't. I went with one just in case. I asked about the oil pan b/c and engine that will produce more power will create more heat. Some people like to go to a larger oil pan when then increase displacement. I stayed with a stock pan but added and oil cooler. It's not a must.
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