Ghia thoughts.....


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Jul 10, 1999
Central NY State
While surfing Ebay bay listings of II parts and cars, I watched with interest an auction for what appears to be a very nice one owner 78 Ghia w/67000 miles and V8, selling for what I felt was a fairly reasonable price of $2809.

It's funny, but as a II owner that has only owned a Cobra and one other II hatchback over the years, I often find myself wishing for a clean little Ghia model like this one, to have and use for those occasional days I might like slightly less conspicuous cruising. Perhaps it's old age setting in!
I'm one of those people that actually likes the Ghia vinyl roof with the opera window, though I've always really disliked the standard notchback models roof and window setup. For some reason, the Ghia package repeatedly just kind of changes my otherwise general disinterest in other lesser optioned standard notchback models.
Anyway, the thing that really caught my eye about this particular one, was the fact it was a V8 model WITH a standard shift. It kind of got me wondering how common this combination was in ANY notchback model new, or surviving especially today...I imagine it being somewhat rare? Anyone hatch owners ever have a similar feeling about them, or have comment on the scarcity of engine/transmission combo in this model?
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All I ever wanted was a Cobra II, so I picked up a '78 "project car"...which turned out to be more project than car. ;)

Then I spotted a '78 black Ghia with the Sport option and had to have it. It needed a lot of work (still does) but is a more manageable project. And it was cheap. :)

With its 2.3L engine, its no race car, but it does have a 4-speed and non-assisted steering, which must be pretty rare in a Mustang II Ghia also. With a little performance work on the engine and a bit lower final drive ratio it should be fun to drive. If not, there's always the 302 from the Cobra. :D
That was a great looking car. I pulled the photo's into Photoshop and blew them up and adjusted out the colors and the condition was awesome. It was located about an hour from where I live and although I do not have the $$ I almost went to go look at it anyhow. Personally I thought it was a steel at that price, even the weather striping looked good. Where else can you buy a one owner garaged kept car in great condition with only 67k for under 3k? Anyhow I did a search on in the registry and there were only 9 Ghia's with the 302 4 speed option listed in all years as compared to 123 with 302 automatics. I think that makes it pretty rare. Your not the only one who thought it would be nice to own that one. It would have been an easy restore to be kept as an all original. I hope it went to a good home where it will be well cared for and not torn up. Not many that nice turns up anymore. :nice:
I literally got sick when I seen that car on ebay. 1) becuz I thought my little bro had done put mine up on Ebay
2) after I realized it wasn't mine, I realized I didnt' have the money to buy another
I've got one identical except for mine has cloth seats, automatic, and a sunroof
Ghias make great daily drivers. Especially if you take the roof of them :D

There was another real clean one recently on ebay that I was bidding on, but the guy pulled it off before the end of the auction. It had the sunroof, no rust, v8 and around 60K miles. He had a "buy it now" price of $2,500.00, but being a cheapskate, I thought I'd wait to the last minute to see if I could save a few bucks. It would have made an excellent winter driver.
I'm into fastbacks now, but I have always loved the Ghias. My first two MIIs were Ghias. Both 77s, with 302 and C4s. One was red, one was blue. The blue car got the 351 transplant. The Ghias are much stronger body wise for performance applications; you can just "feel" the difference driving one compared to a fastback. Ghias do make great daily drivers too with all the available options you could have gotten on one.

Here's a shot of my 351 car, during mid transplant: