Glowing headers at idle after 5 minutes?

Prime Lord

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Sep 19, 2000
Okay, this kinda scared me. I finished swapping in the Mach 1 springs last night, and wanted to take the car around the block and check it out. (they're f'n awesome btw) and the car has been sitting for about 3 weeks since I haven't had a chance to get this swap done. So I had to jump it cause of a dead battery and when I did, everything was fine.....while I was unhooking the cables, I noticed that the headers were glowing RED HOT after only about 5 minutes of idle.

Is this normal? I don't think so. I quickly got moving to get some air over them and when I got back they had cooled.....but that was just weird.
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Sep 30, 2007
Pull the plugs first, and tell us how they look. Does the car smell really rich ? Does it have any detenation ? I would put my money that its running lean.