Going to Dual exhaust on a 351W worth it?


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Jul 2, 2004
Salem, Oregon
Going to Dual exhaust on a 351W worth it?
Probably a silly question...but I have a 72 coupe with the 351w, automatic and has the original single exhaust...
Also - should I go with headers like some "shorty" headers I've heard about?
How much horsepower gains will I see with:
shorty headers
dual exhaust
h pipe?
what gears for rear end?
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Shorty headers, dual exhaust with free flowing mufflers should get you 15 to 20 h.p., better feul economy, and a better sound. Unless you switch to an overdrive transmission, most would recommend not going over a 3:50 gear.
I usually advise a grain of salt when it comes to claims of increased mileage with performance mods. While it is completely true that they CAN make for highre efficiency and therefore better MPG I think you will find that very few people see any apprecialble increase in MPG. I think part of it is that as the engine gets more power the right foot gets proportionately heavier. If you putt putt around you might see an improvement, but very few actually do.