Gone to the other side..


My mom says thanks for the pearl necklace.
Nov 8, 2003
windsor, Canada
Well it's finally happened..never thought it would but as of the end of the day I will have crossed onto the other side...I will now be..umm..aahh...can't even say it..ummm...mass air converted. I never thought I would do it, but with my old faithfull motor is comming out in just a few months, and the idea of aggressive cams and heads is really starting to catch my eye. Anyways I picked up the Ford Racing Mass Air Conversion kit for 300$ brand new from a buddy and it is the cats ass for install..they provide you with everything and I mean everything you need right down to 2 different rubber size caps to make sure you have the right one to block off the MAP sensor. The whole thing looks absolutely stock and fits great..best of all the switch is completely plug and go, no splicing into wires or pulling pins, you just plug a into b into c and done. Well I hope the SD guys can forgive me but I look forward to all the options available to me for my rebuild now.
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I gotta be honest. I wanted to stay SD for a long time, but recently I have seen really, really nice h/c/i/forced induction engines and for that, a MAF is the way to go.

The install is really that easy? I guess I should just buy from Ford and skip the junkyard assembly.
Honestly seeing this kit I would have paid full price for it..549.00 without even giving it a second thought, I is VERY complete with excellent instructions, and best of all it looks good when in place, not like 16year old parts added. I put alot of time and effort into my engine bay and it's nice to have something go in easily and still maintain the look I want. The computer is an A9S and uses a piggy back system that requires only one wire to be run from the MAF to the EEC. I don't blame people for the junkyard search but here in Canada I have had no luck with collection of parts needed..EBAY has not worked well for me in the past. All in all thumbs up to FORD RACING SVO division.