got 3.55's for 5 spd.


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Dec 11, 2003
just bought a set of ford 3.55 gears for 75, they look good. i have a 5 spd. i wanted 3.73 but i went ahead and got these. was this a wise choice. how much of a difference am i looking at. i currently have 3.08 and i love the performance now so i think 3.55's will be better than nothing.
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i've got the 3.73s, they suck in city traffic, you have to take turns in 3rd unless you want to be really loud, while you're shifting into 3rd everyone around you will be in 2nd and have more power. the longer 1st gear that 3.55 (or even better 3.27) offer will also give you more time to evaluate if the guy next to you wants to race, if so you can stay in first, if not shift. it sucks shifting to 2nd then finding out the guy next to you is racing. that said, of course the higher(numerically) gears will be faster and if there is no traffic in your area, go big, otherwise 3.27s are great.

i copied this from my response to a similar question from another forum because it is even more applicable here.
awsome so i did good. has anybody put them in just by trying to match the wear patterns with some blueing and a diagram of the correct wear pattern. somebody said it could be done but i would like to use the dial indicator
i have thumper heads,fcam,long tubes bassani o/r xpipe flo pro force mufflers, holley 600cfm carb,torkerII intake,electric fan. i am hoping this will make for a badass combo with the gears