got a box in the mail with some big chunks of aluminum in it


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Sep 13, 2004
Miami, Ok
i decided to bite the bullet and get some nice heads while i got everything apart, the thumpers worked great but i am looking for some more power lol

these are the twisted wedge heads with the dual spring package. should work pretty well i cant wait to see how much they help.

dont mind the dates in pic they are off lol






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out of curiosity how much power are guys getting out their blown combos with TW heads?

my combo is these heads. F-cam, typhoon intake (same as edelbrock)
and a vortech SC trim with 7 inch lower and 3.33 upper. made 9 psi on previous setup. also go a tweecer coming soon ( on backorder :nonono: )

so i will get it tuned. it trapped 115 mph before with the thumper heads, b-cam and the same intake at 9 psi.

after getting the car halfway tuned i would like to see 120+ traps and at least 400RWHP. if it made 450RWHP i would be estatic, looking to run mid 11s

what power and times do you think it would make with 9 psi?
i also have a few blower pullies in the garage, 3.12, 2.9 and 2.7 so i have enoughto overspin the blower. if i get it running good i would like to try 12 psi sometime.