got a gt is this a good price.


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Dec 11, 2003
just got a 2000 lazer red convertable with auto, all power mach 460 stereo and brand new tires. it has 40,000 miles on it. i am paying 13,000 for it. is this a reasonable price or did i get ripped. i also got a warranty and tan leather interior with a tan top. the tires are directionals.
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ray thats cause yours had a stalker kit lol

:lol: :lol:

I love're never gonna live that one done Ray. You could build the fastest 2v engine ever, and you'll always be known as the guy with the Stalker kit.

Oh, and that seems consistent with prices I see around here.....being a vert and having such low miles. Not a bad deal.
I'll sell you my 2001 Mustang GT with only 2,6xx original miles on it. It's a 5 speed manual hardtop coupe with leather interior. I purchased it brand new. I am thinking about selling it because I also own a 2002 Mustang.
I dont mean any thing rude but that sounds kinda high but i dont know, i just got a black 2003 GT with black leather 5 speed and the silver accents and the mach1000 or 460 cant remember, it has 24,000 miles and i got it for 13,000 TTL financed. i dont know maybe i got a deal or something but it runs so sweet.:nice: