Got a knock Need Help *Video*


New Member
Jan 25, 2010
Bowie, MD
Went for a drive in the stang tonight and started hearing a little knock and it got louder by the time I could get it back to the house. I checked the oil, its full and clean, I only bought the car 2 weeks ago, it hasn't been driven hard since I got it just around town. Anyways I wanted to see if anyone might recognize the sound, I'm thinking lifter or rod or something....

Here is the video

1989 Mustang Vert :: MustangKnock.flv video by pshannon - Photobucket
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Thats what I had thought at first, when I got home I popped the hood and left the car running, I used long metal extension and put it on the top of the valve cover to try to feel vibration from a rod or something and there was no unusual vibration. I guess I need to put them car up on stands and look underneath...