Got bored and cut off my mufflers... lol


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Oct 19, 2000
Everett Washington
I replaced them with stainless steel straight pipes :D

I then drove it over to my friends house who has an 04 with borla...

To be honest, I like the straight pipes better :confused:

I will be installing my SLP stuff soon but I will make sure to throw on the X-pipe first and get some sound clips for you guys.

Damn kids and their cars!
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I have straight pipes on my car, it was almost the only way to go cause the exhaust comes out infront of the rear tires now. If I were to go with a muffler, then I would have a lot more restriction with the 90 degree bend it's going to have to make. With the straight pipes I have better flow coming out the side of the car....I personally like the sound!! I had a guy pull up next to me in a beat to ***** escort and was gawking at the car and wanted me to rev the engine for him and then gave me the :nice: . It was pretty cool having some actually admire my car!!

The x-pipe your putting on there, is it catted or non-catted?? I was going to run an x-pipe, but I would need one with cats or I am going to have WAY too much back pressure.
i made the same mistake on mine and it sounds like stright up crap and looks like trailer white trash. i have a MAC hiflo cat h-pipe with muffs, it just looks like trash from behind. so hopefully here in the future i will be installing basani xw/o cats and some flo's then to top it off some nice MRT 3 1/2 black chrome fatties out the ass. know anyone that will trade me my BBK o/r h-pipe w/o cats for some flo's it's for a 95gt this is brand new with only 500 miles on it. peace

Im running borla stingers with a bassani x-pipe ....great Idle..deep....but hit the throttle and you'll feel like your going deaf.If you like nascar style..then its the way to go,and you can pick up around 20hp...whitch makes the loudness a little easier to live with :D :nice: