got code but don't know what part

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Evaporative Emissions


Ok,first off,what year car is this code coming from? Your '93? Your in the V6 Forum so I thought you might be asking about another V6.

Either way though,the Evap problem could be a few things.The Evap system controls the excess fuel vapors from the tank.This system uses the excess fumes and routes them into the intake to be burned usually at idle speed.It stores excess fumes in the charcoal purge canister.The problem your having could be either the control valve or control solenoid.When either of these fail,the motor will usually run a little rough at idle,but wont be so bad as to stall out the motor.You can also tell if either of these are bad if you get the smell of gas while sitting in your car,mostly after filling up.

The EGR doesn't have anything to do with the Evap system.EGR system controls exhaust gases and routes them back into the combustion chambers.The O2 sensors detect more exhaust gases from this and causes the motor to run leaner for emission purposes.A bad EGR valve can either make your car run so bad it will stall out or it will run a little too rich.

Hope this helps you out some.
If youve got a 96 you can pretty much bet that P1443 is gonna pop up sometime. I had the problem about a year ago. Basically you need to replace the purge flow sensor and or the purge flow cannister. I was told most of the time it is just the sensor and to replace that first. I replaced it CEL stayed off for about a month then it came back on. So, I replaced the cannister and havent had the code since. The sensor is about 20 bucks and the cannister is 50. Id just go ahead and replace both of them so you dont have to fool with it again. I'll hafta look for the cannister part number but here is the one for the sensor.

Purge Flow Sensor Part # F57Z-14A606-BA