got me a miss

Mr. Rustypwnz

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Jun 1, 2005
indianapolis/ valdosta ga
i just got done dropping the motor i built into the car today, got it all buttoned up and running, runs good, but it has a weird idle either fine or surging bad..

also at part throttle it has a bad miss, but if you go WOT, it will clear up for a second, under wot its fine and hauls ass.. if you turn the car off while its doin it, and restart it will go away for a minute and come back.. I think its because i used some old plugs i had, but dosent really make since?

not gettin a CEL either..
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Nov 29, 1999
H Town
go to google images and type in miss?

ahh, I was hoping for more.

Good luck with the miss. I'm sure you will get this response, but is everyting tightened up? Not leaks anywhere. Have you sprayed a little carb cleaner to see if you get a surge anywhere(make sure you are very cautious)


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Nov 29, 1999
are all of the coil packs good.. ihad the same condition and it went away and then came back to a full on miss and it was a bad coil


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Mar 29, 2010
North West PA
well i know that the coil packs are good, i ran them like 2 weeks ago and they were fine, but i reused the plugs so thats got to be the problem..

i've seen 2 coil packs just up and die.. and both times were after washing the engine bay. Happened to my friends stang and mine.. runs find before you wash the engine bay and after you wash it there's a miss. both turned out to be coil packs. also make sure to check the gap's on your plugs