Got my Mega-Bite Jr.'s / Installation Tips?

Like the titles says... I got my HPM Mega-Bite Jr.'s FINALLY from Motorsport Depot. Don't order from there unless you don't need your parts anytime soon, it took me almost 3 weeks to get them after I placed the order. :notnice:

Anyway, some folks that have installed these or a similar LCA like the Lakewood, Metco, or Southside, give me any tips or things I should know before I install them. I am also installing FRPP "C" Springs and Competition Engineering drag shocks at the same time.

Thanks fellas!
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Pretty easy. Be sure to put things in loose at first and when the LCA's are completly in minus springs tighten everything, helps everything align. The only tricky part is the plate that goes where the axel installs. You need to take off the shock axel mount and hammer the stud the shock attaches to and put the new one supplied in the kit. After removing springs, shocks, quads and all do one at a time, makes things stay in place easier. Your going to like these arms, I do.
Well, rear springs come out very easily. You dont need a compressor. I just finished my MegaBites today in my garage as a matter of fact. Support the car on jackstands, disconnect the shocks from the rearend, lower the rearend, and from there just step on and put all your weight on the axle studs and this will give you enough clearance to pull the springs out by hand. And as they said, do one side at a time. I changed everything though. I went with spherical upper bushings, adjustable uppers, Lakewood 50/50 shocks, and the Megabite Jr's set on the lower bolt hole for the 135% increase in traction. This is combined with 31 spline axles, Auburn Pro and Summit rearend cover girdle. If this doesnt hook, I dont know what will!!!!!!!