Grille fasteners/clips won't move (Trying to replace the horn)


Dec 11, 2019
Lansing, MI
Since the horn is between the radiator and the grille, I'm trying to remove the grille by taking out the fasteners/clips like in the original video by Daryl Turcott. The video in this post compares to how he does it vs. when I try to do it.

1) Is it because I live in a cold area that the plastic won't bend?
2) Is it because my flat-head screwdriver is too small?
3) Is it because of where I put the flat-head screwdriver?
4) Is the piece that the flat-head screwdriver goes under not get pushed up high enough?
5) Is the piece that won't move just simply stuck in place?

Can't upload any video files, so here's a YT link:

(Credit for 1st video: Daryl Turcott: How to install Aftermarket mustang grill)
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