GT vs Z28


Mar 22, 2010
ive got a 93 Z28 six speed with the LT1 and 3.73s and a 06 GT five speed with k&N cold air intake any way my 06 gt doesnt feel like it can even hang with my z28 is this normal or is my car weaker than normal ive only had it about two months
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I don't get it, unless you have something besides gears, your GT should compete. I don't even recall what hp the '93s had, but my '98 was 320 and it was slower that modern GTs.
275 HP, 325 TQ 5.7L 3306 lbs for the camaro. The mustang checks in at 300 HP, 320 TQ 4.6L 3356 lbs. So roughly the same torque, pretty damn close on weight, but the better gears and 6-speed in the Z28 make it get off the line faster. Drag strip, I bet they're about the same assuming you have similar tires on each, but just off the line on the street, the camaro will seem a little quicker.
its not just the low end 4th gear in the z pulls just as hard as third in the stang if not harder so im just wondering if something may be wrong with my gt its suppose to have twenty five more hp so i would think it would be a little closer even though the z does have 3.73s
I just looked on online and 93-94 Camaros did 0-60 in the 5.5 to 5.7 range and 1/4 mile in 14.1 to 14.4 range, which is a few tenths slower than an 05-10 Mustang GT. Perhaps because of the powerband the Z28 "feels" faster. Feeling faster is not actually being faster. I bet if you rode in a golf cart that did 0-60 in 6.0 sec and 1/4 mile in 14.5 that would feel like the fastest thing on land.
It probably depends on the car/suspension. In the Metro I will only be going 60 and it feels like 80 because of the drop I put on it and such. Then I drive the Mustang and wonder why I am going so slow and I am five over the limit already :p

The gears prob have another thing to do with it. Do you have 3.31s or 3.55s? Gear difference can be what you are feeling... :shrug:
I'd just chalk this one up to suspension and gears. The gears in the Z28 make it "feel" faster off the line, along with an older suspension. The Mustang would be faster in a 1/4 mile, but since it only has 3.55s and a better suspension that rides smoother, it won't feel as fast, but in reality it probably is faster. If you are really worried, take them to a strip and run them and see what you come up with. Or dyno the mustang and the Z28 and compare the graphs. If there was an actual problem, that would bring it to light, but just off how it "feels" to you, it's hard to say given they are two different machines.
When I had first purchased my 08 GT, I took my friend who had owned a 98 or 99 Z28 (maybe it was an SS - I can't remember anymore), lightly modded. He thought the GT felt a lot faster than his Z28, but cars always feel faster when you are a passenger.

By comparison, I recently bought a 2008 M3 (414 hp, 295 ft-lbs). Until I hit about 2500-3000 RPM, the GT actually felt a bit faster. The difference is on the M3, you get past the 3K mark almost immediately, and then it isn't even a contest for the remainder of the 8400 RPM redline. :)
there is no way you beat ls1 camaros that bad i had one and my gt isnt that much faster the only way you beat them that bad is if you have stuff done to your car or the people you are racing cant drive
ive got a 93 Z28 six speed with the LT1 and 3.73s and a 06 GT five speed with k&N cold air intake any way my 06 gt doesnt feel like it can even hang with my z28 is this normal or is my car weaker than normal ive only had it about two months

I have an 06 Mustang GT and I would have to agree with you. In stock condition the Mustang is not as hot as an LT1, however after installing a good cold air system, like JLT and doing a good tune, like SCT, you would be amazed how well your car would perform.
I made those modifications to my 06 and I'm very pleased with the results.

One other point about the LT1, I always found it interesting that GM stayed with the small block push rod engine and Ford went the (OHC) over head cam route.
We all know that GM's push rod engines are great performers and a real challenge for any OHC Ford.
I'd like to see Ford put the 347 Boss push rod engine into a Mustang, I'd buy one.
It is amazing that GM has stuck with the pushrod and made them very fast and reliable. The Caddy CTS-V has 556hp with that engine and is smooth as silk. Really amazing. I love my Mustang and Fords, but GM has something with that engine.
No joke, im not trying to impress anyone on here. before i had intake and exhaust i still beat them just not as bad, and all i have done is magnaflow magnapacks and jlt. I think i have a factory beast though because it pulls hard on them. Also the camaros I beleive but could be wrong, arent they heavier? IDK all I know is I pull a loooot on them. I wouldnt make myself sound retarded on a forum for no reason. haha. everyone on here knows what theyre talking about so it would be dumb for me to. I can see if it was an ls motor being able to feel faster but not the lt
I used to spank Camaros all the time in stoplight drags with my '95 Cobra and we're talking only 240 HP!! A 2005+ GT is WAY quicker.

Auto vs Stick and tires/gearing could make a difference too.

Lastly, the newer GTs don't "feel" so fast because the powerband is so wide that it's a smooth incremental pull (not much of a torque 'bump') but a look at the speedometer can put it in perspective!
I still think stock for stock a 05+ GT will be faster then a LT1 Camaro. I had a 2001 GT that had a couple of things done to it, nothing serious at all. But I didn't have a problem with LT1 Camaro's at all. I haven't raced any Camaros with my 08 GT I have now, I haven't had it to the track, yet. But I know that it's a little faster then my old car was.