SOLD GT40 Tubular intakes, upper and lower, for 302


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Feb 22, 2007
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
I have a nice GT40 tubular intake set up for sale. Comes with upper, lower, and cover. Both upper and lower were blasted and powder coated. I did paint the upper a different shade, but didn’t so much as sand it first incase I didn’t like it. Will come off to match the lower easily with a power washing. Upgrading to a higher flowing setup. $700 plus shipping. Located in Cedar Rapids, IA. First pic is the powder coating color. Second picture is to show current upper color and cover fitment. Throttle body is not included in sale.



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The ev has one already. And a spare.
Tapped out dollar wize right now for collectables. I am in the need for a cover for one but I would have to take out a loan.
I can afford $20 a week right now but I see it is sold.