had anyone used one of these motors???

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I dont know why you keep looking for cheap motors. This was covered in the other thread you made. Your not going to get a good quailty fully assembled long block for $1,500. They are cheap for a reason b/c they are JUNK. DSS, CHP, RNH are all good motors, these off brand no name long blocks are just crap. Why is it that you want another motor? Is yours blown? Why not just find a used 5.0 motor if you want to go the cheap route?
5.0H.O said:
atk is the number one reman. engine builder in the us.

Actually, Jasper is. I do have to agree with everyone else, though. Reman engines are usually done as cheaply as possible. Ream the top of the cylinder to remove the ridge, hone it, and toss the stock piston back in with new rings. Cut the crank down .010 or so, pop in some cheapo bearings, sometimes without even align honing the mains, etc. Personally, I'd rather find an Explorer/Mountaineer engine and use it instead. In fact, that's exactly what I did.