haha OMG too much debt?

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Boss 351 said:
Who else is in the hole? While its fun and everything.... I'm trying to get out of it soon.

Always in the hole :) Still paying off my school stuff and car stuff. Work 6 days a week 10 hour days right now and starting next week when I pick up my other job it will be 7 days a week, 10 at one job 4-5 a night at others and my one day off will be work for the second job for 10-12 a day. But I plan to be debt free by this time next year and have everything all settled and be into my house. :D
Yeah freaking debts suck. I went to see a debt consultant, I can either go bankrupt or follow a tight budget for 2 years. I choose the tight budget and do some under the table work. It shouldn't be too hard as my budget was made in case I only make 1600 a month but I average way more than that. I pretty much sold the ZX2 so that fills a nice big payment hole... I'm going to try for 15 months and be debt free, we will see what happens.