Hardest jobs on the New Edge V6?


Nov 13, 2019
Hello all I knew nothing about Automotive Repair until September of 2019. I changed the wheel bearing on a 2002 V6 Mustang as my first DIY repair. I ENJOYED every second of it. Second DIY project was figuring out why the power steering reservoir was leaking. (It was a chewed up O ring [ Swapped for $3]).Then I moved on to brakes, paint correction, spark plugs, coil pack, PCV System, trunk struts (You know the basic simple stuff.) I recorded it all and uploaded to Youtube under the name OldSchoolNoe (Playlist V6 Restoration).

Now I'm embarking on the journey to the more advanced stuff like changing exhaust headers, proper A/C Recharge using manifold gauges.

My question is what are the most difficult jobs on this model? I figure maybe changing the oil pan gasket, rack n pinion change, transmission swap, rear main seal change, let me know!
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