Has anyone bought from Mr. Wheel Deal?

I've read the reviews online and I can say that so far he delivers on his claims, he was prompt, knowledgable and has a very sharp pencil when it comes to competitive pricing. He was several hundred less on my quote than my previously lowest price which was several hundred less than pretty much anyone else. I just would like to hear from someone first hand on their experience before I plop down $1800 smackers.
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If it is for wheels and tires, then the price is probably about right for what your getting.

I'm interested to see a picture of the wheels.

I'm kinda surprised no one else has commented yet. I'm sure somone has dealt with them.
Yeah me too. I've read plenty of reviews online elsewhere but I guess none of the last 6,000 happy pay pal customers were not Stang owners because I thought for sure I'd fine one here.

The wheel is the American Racing Magnum 500 version. 17x8 and 17x9.5.