1. C

    AOD wont go into park

    need some help with my 1990 foxbody with a freshly rebuilt AOD, after it was rebuilt i decided to also put a b&m hammer shifter in it from the start it was a pain to deal with i had ordered a new cable to go along with it because i figured why not have a new cable on a new shifter to start out...
  2. I

    For Sale T45/T5 Steeda Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifter $100

    Selling a used Steeda Tri-Ax shifter for T45/T5 transmissions. This was on the car when I bought it, but wasn’t crazy about the feel; therefore I replaced it with another brand. Cleaned it up as best as I could for ya. Comes with bolts to mount to the transmission, but does not come with handle...
  3. DudeStang

    Shifter bracket nuts fell off while driving

    A little background first...a little over a month ago I installed the steeda tri-ax shifter on my 2014 GT. It was fine at first but then recently, the shifter started feeling sloppier and a few times, it went into reverse when I was trying to put it in first gear. I took console out and it...
  4. DudeStang

    For Sale FS: Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter & Barton Shifter Bracket (11-14 MT-82)

    Got a couple of parts for sale from my 2014 GT. The Steeda Tri-Ax short throw shifter is a little bit dirty but it's close to new. I had it on my car for approximately 1,000 miles. All hardware included (there's a little spring that came with it too for adjustments but it's not in the pictures)...
  5. J

    Hazard lights flashing before/after SJB replacement

    Hey everyone...I'm brand new here and have run into an issue with my 2010 V6 Mustang (automatic). Late last year my wife and I came home one night and the hazard lights on our Mustang were flashing and would not turn off. I disconnected he battery and when I reconnected, they eventually went off...
  6. Schnelly

    Best Short Throw Shifter 2008 GT 3.73 Gears

    Whats the best short throw shifter to put in a '08 GT with 3.73 gears?
  7. D

    Drivetrain Shifting issues

    So I’m rounding 3rd on my 10 year overhaul and rebuild of my 1997 4.6 Mustang GT and having shifting issues. Everything in front of the firewall is brand new. The transmission is the original but worked great before pulling it. It sat for 10 years without fluid, but the openings were...
  8. T

    Need Help With Hammer Shifter

    I have a 1999 mustang GT. I bought the car with a B&M hammer shifter in it. This past week the little lever you pull up on to push the shifter forward to go into reverse and park broke. There used to be tension when I pulled up on the lever but now I pull it up and it just falls down. I'm not...
  9. B

    Hurst Shifter On Toploader 4speed (66 -289 Mustang Convertible)

    Any ideas on what the problem could be? Problem: the transmisssion has been rebuilt but after moving shifter into reverse the transmission sticks in neutral and will not engage first or other gears. To correct the problem, I have to wiggle the shifter for a few seconds - minutes before it...
  10. falconater

    Fox T5 Budget Shifter

    Hi, i'm looking to upgrade the shifter on my stock t5. Does anyone have experience with the $40 china units on ebay?..or would I be better of looking for a used name brand?
  11. M

    SOLD Steeda Short Throw Shifter

    Short throw shifter in excellent condition for 2011 to 2014 Mustang, Includes two springs and spacers to adjust pressure for reverse lock. Fits V6, GT, Boss. $100 plus shipping . Will take Paypal or e-transfer. Located Almonte, On Canada. Text or call 613-302-6425 or email [email protected]
  12. A

    Drivetrain Short Shifter Issues?

    Hello everyone! I am new to all of this forum stuff. I am seeking some help.... I have a 2006 mustang GT, and I am having issues with the 5 speed shifter... Now I am talking about the shifter itself. I bought it from craigslist, and when I took it for a drive I noticed thatr when in gear, the...
  13. FastDriver

    SOLD Tremec Tko 5 Speed Transmission With Accessories - $1500

  14. D

    Installing Mgw Shifter And Changing Trans Oil. Can I Do It In My Garage?

    Hi all, I'm from the UK and upgraded from my 05 V6 to a 2011 5.0 manual. Just waiting for it to arrive now. It's still running the stock shifter, and I can only imagine the stock trans fluid. I plan to buy an MGW shifter (as long as they will ship to me) and I've located some Amsoil MTF in the...
  15. 5.0foxbody91

    Engine Vibration Above 3000rpm

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, I've always loved mustangs, and I finally got one. It's a 91 lx hatch. I've had some trouble with it, but I have most of the problems fixed except for this vibration one. The shifter will vibrate like hell above 3000 rpms, whether I'm sitting still or going down...