Head gasket problem HELP

got a 90 mustang trunk car w/ an 11 psi procharger fully ported gt40 heads and typhoon intake. the heads have been cut .30 and it keeps blowing head gaskets along the top all 8 cylinders on both sides. Some ppl tell me to cut the intake some tell me to just go w/ a thicker head gasket.. any suggestions on what to do and what head gasket to run? thanks
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if there are no reciever grooves in the block or heads i would just call up cometic and order a custom gasket from them. i have heard alot of good things about thier gaskets and i was going to use them on my car but i couldnt cause i have reciever grooves in my block. also is the block and the heads straight
Well, you're blowing gaskets for a reason. By throwing a stronger gasket on there, you'll just make the pressure go somewhere else (rings, seals, etc).

With that sort of setup pushing that much boost, I would definately get that thing dyno-tuned.
I will ask this first. Did you replace your factory head belts with quality parts. Don't use the stock(factory) head bolts because they will not give a good torque to yield when reused. If you have replaced the head bolts, have you checked that your not lean at WOT with a A/F Meter. Till you figure out your A/F ratio don't install anything that will not give because head gaskets are cheap but pistons are not. Use the weak factory head bolt count and location to your benefit.
the block and heads are straight.. its blowing the gaskets in too much of a pattern, just along the top all 8 cylinders both sides...put new head bolts in it thats not the problem..a couple guys around here seem to think that the intake needs to be cut since the heads were cut .030. said that it is sumhow lifting up on the heads and thats the reason it only blows along the top, the bottom end is stock ,compression ratio is prolly wat about 9.25:1 stock heads shaved .030