Head question


New Member
Aug 27, 2003
Altoona, PA
Hey guys.. I have an earlier 302 with 78 heads..now i know these heads flow about as good as a kid with a stutter rapping.. i can get a set of rebuilt 5.0 E7TE heads for $200, would it be worth my money to invest in these.. ?
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It just depends on what you want for the car. If you intend on porting the E-7's to try and really get any power out of them, I'd say no. I had a set of ported E-7's on my '93 LX until recently, and it ran very well. If you just want a fairly strong 13 second street driver, and you KNOW the E-7's are in good shape, then yeah, go ahead and get them. Of course, it's gonna depend on the rest of your combo.

A few weeks ago I put in a new motor with Twisted Wedge aluminum heads and a bigger cam and jumped up about 75 hp over what I was at with the stock heads. It will cost you as much or more to work over a set of stock heads as opposed to buying a set of Trick Flows or Edelbrocks or something along those lines.