Header Help?


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Oct 4, 2005
I have a 65 Fastback with manual trans (toploader) and power steering with a KRC pump. I am looking for a set of headers that will fit with out doing to much modification. The Exhaust system is going to be completely redone by an exhaust shop once the headers are installed, looking for suggestions here also (x-pipe or H-pipe?). I was thinking of Tri-y or JBA shorties, but I'm open to other suggestions.

What headers do you have and what is your set up?
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I very much like my Doug's Tri-ys. They have nice fit for toploader and z-bar clutch. If you ever go to a cable-actuated clutch, they would have to be altered as the secondary pipe for cylinders 5&7 block the route for the cable. I paid $75 to have mine altered. The new routing is acceptable, although I still had to fab a simlpe bracket to hold the cable away from the secondary pipe.

Fitment with respec to your P/S pump is something I can't comment on, however.
I'll be the oddball and reccomend JBA shorties. There are no mods needed and they are built like a tank. There are cheaper, (much cheaper). brands if money is a concern. I ditched my long tubes and didn't notice any loss of power.
On a side note, did you hook the KRC up to a stock power steering system. If so, tell me about it.....what hoses did you use, pulley alignment,etc...