Header ?'s

I need some help. It seems like every time i pull the good ole mustang out of storage and check everything over i have several header bolts back out i just dont understand. Whats the deal here. Has anyone else ever had this problem and what is the cure for it. I have also cracked a header gasket and was wandering what is the best for my car. Do the copper gaskets seal really well. Thnks for everyone that gives me feedback
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Stage 8 lockers would be your best bet. After you put new header gaskets on, don't put the lockers on until after you have re-torqued them down. The lockers will prevent the bolts from backing out. I am not certain on the 94-95 heads, but I use Felpro 1415's for my headers gasket.

I use the high temp loc tight and lock washer's, and use the specter gasket's. I havent had to many issue's. But you have to warm them up then let it cool then retighten to T.Q spec's. You will have to check them reg. to make shure they are staying tight. Once they are staying tight then you should be ok. peace

john :p
get locking header bolts, Breslin i believe is the company that makes the ones i have, they have an allen screw down the middle that locks it in place. they dont budge and no more blown header gaskets
Simple lock washers like Travis talked about have worked great for me over many years now.

Since you run Aluminum heads I would not use lock tight considering anti sieze is needed on the bolts to keep the threads in good shape.