Headers that will fit my Bassani x-pipe ?


New Member
Sep 17, 2007
Commerce, GA
I've got a 4.6 2v car with an automatic that I'm interested in getting headers for. I have the Bassani BX catted X-pipe and would like to keep it. I need to know which headers will mate up to my current setup and not have clearance problems with the automatic transmission.

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I advise against the above. start over, sale the mid pipe for 100-200 bucks, and buy the complete system. If you kept the stock parts, all the better. Its a better investment to sale what you currently have(if possible), keep your stock parts, and upgrade. If you sale the car, and you have the stock parts to bolt back up if you have the mechanical skills to do so, then sale the aftermarket parts. If not, at least you sold your bassani mid pipe for something.

in short, no headers besides shorties, will fit you, and shorties are a waste
the mid length headers come with a short piece of pipe to connect to the x pipe
thanks for correcting us!

Now stop posting and get that beast running. Summer time is coming up!


:lol: i wish it was that easy. i'm just waiting now. the engine is paid off and i have all the stuff i need to get it running. i'm just buying useless junk for the car now.
yesterday i bought a new set of saleen center caps, SS brake lines and a lunar N2O pressure gauge.

i really miss driving the car. the longer it sits the more stuff i want to buy for it. i dont think they make many parts that i dont already have on it. i have aguarentee that it will be running by Mustang Week. if it ends up not being ready by then i am going to ditch the s/c and go turbo. might as well have it down for another winter if it isnt rwady to get down to Myrtle Beach