Hearing weird noise from the REAR


New Member
Jul 15, 2007
Alright, so I was backing up out of my friends driveway, and there is this pot that is about knee high on the corner of the driveway. Well, I was backing up slowly then all of the sudden I hit it, and I'm pretty sure my muffler tip is the one that hit it first. Well, now every time i start accelerate, I hear a noise from the back sounding like something is hitting against something else. Usually when I start it up or stop to let the clutch out it usually happens...sometimes it happens as I just get into second and start to speed up too. I thought it would be one the pipes loose from when I got the dual exhaust put on but I tried to wiggle it and stuff but it doesn't seem to be the problem. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT COULD BE! Could it be something with the clutch or I dont know...It's coming from the back.

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