Hello all - V6 Vert 5 speed standard Owner - looking for guidance, input, advise + help


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Aug 14, 2020
Reside in Mid-Atlantic (AA County Maryland). I rescued a 1995 Metallic Red Paint with black Cloth Mustang V6 5 speed manual Convertible from going to the scrap yard. Had to replace starter (Bendix stuck out against the flywheel) with a brand new RockAuto No core . Then some LowLife stole the 4 Catalytic converters. Next - The parking brake cables were rusted + frozen (replaced left + right cables), right rear parking brake caliper was frozen and the caliper pins were also frozen and way too worn out, rear brake pads worn down to metal; calipers well beyond minimum wear limit. Took 45+ minutes pounding on the brake rotors to get them off the axle spindles. Then the center parking brake cable was stretched beyond adjustment. Used a Dorman 03006 Brake Line cable stretcher/ adjuster to remove the excess slack (and not spend $40 for a 12" piece of cable with an: crimp, anchor and a rubber grommet) Next the power steering lines corroded + replaced - seems as though all other fuel lines and hydraulic brake lines are in need of complete replacement - going to remove and replace them over time (gradually) with nickel copper lines (correct size) with proper flare ends, couplings etc

Interior Drivers electric seat been nothing but a hassle: an: motor, cable, switch etc fail in perpetual sequence - just manually placed set the seat for my driving position - going to try the mod using a newer style later model Mustang 6 way seat to my update my '95 Vert seat.

Been lots of fun driving - can't wait to get all the bugs worked out and have a 100% +++ trustworthy car that I can accelerate / decelerated / turn; corner and have the best fun a convertible can give!!! Too bad the FMC didn't incorporate a factory roll bar - really miss that from others safety designs. I am a welder/fabricator/design and safety specialist - this car will have a safety roll bar incorporated over this winter - after securing the fuel and hydraulic lines first!!
Many thanks, please share your ideas and inputs, thoughts and opinions - after this a many years on earth - definitely my skin is thick enough to endure a forums inputs!! Be safe, save yourself the misery of suffering the COVID19 virus. Wear your mask, wash your hands, no large groups of persons and always err on the side of caution!!!

Best wishes, trust and advise I can give
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  1. Pictures of this Magnificent Beast that will begin to haunt your dreams with nightmares soon......
  2. (I OWN a 95 V6 Vert....... Should have found a Coupe) LOL
  3. You would think that we should be in the 79-95 area of this forum but we are actually in two locations
    1. SN95 V6 Tech (This is where you will be mostly working in the Engine Bay)
    2. 94-95 SPECIFIC (This is where you will be working on anything other than Engine Bay)
  4. Heed My Words. Get to the Pull A Part and grab a manual passenger seat track and put it under that drivers seat!!!! I did and life is good.
  5. In My Signature below is my "Progress" thread for the 95 and a "Build" Thread for the 01. May be something you would like to browse through and even shoot me some pointers that you may have.