Hello Guys And Gals. New Here

fred z

New Member
Dec 5, 2013
Hello gang. I am new here and wanted to into myself. I am currently a Cobra (replica) owner and plan on building a 289 66 mustang fastback car. I am currently looking for bodies...and found a couple locations.
I am also looking for 289 cid builders so I can get a nice hi hp motor.. if anyone wants to steer me it would be appreciated. I am planning on making it close, not exact, to the GT 350 look. But I will update the wheels and rubber and a few other changes. I plan on having 350 hp + and of course, 4 or 5 speed.
My current beast is a pretty fun, scary, ride so I am knowledgeable on the expectations.
thanks for any help and have a good one.
fred z
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