Roush HELP! 01' S281SC (lightly modified) Running Way Rich

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting my A/F mixture correct. My car is actually making pretty good HP (336 RW on dyno) but is very sluggish through the meat of the powerband. The dyno is showing the A/F mixture is going way off the chart (approx 6:1 through the same area of that powerband that is sluggish) If have several recommendations for a Mafterburner but I really just don't know where to start (larger MAF sensor, custom tuning, fuel pressure regulator, etc.).


2001 S281 SC
5300 ft. above sea-level
Chicance Saleen Supercharger RIPP Kit
Chicane 66mm blower pulley
I have attached 2 of my dyno results, if needed.

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated!!

~ Billy
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