Help, 96 cobra bogging!


Founding Member
May 14, 2002
Simpsonville, SC
Well, my brother took his 96 cobra into the tranny shop a while back to replace the shift forks, and it now has a severe bogging problem!

Let me first say that this car has never done this before, and I find it a bit ironic that it starts the first day he gets it back from the tranny shop.

Ok, when the tranny shop worked on it, they couldnt acess the tranny so the bent the lt headers out of the way...and there now resting against the frame...WTF!

The symptoms are as follows:

When accelerating in any gear, it will pull like crazy...and then out of the blue bog like a mother. He can let off the gas slightly, get back on it and it will again pull...and again bog. When it bogs, the exhaust note changes. It reminds of a four barrel carb, that when you stomp on the gas, only 2 barrels open.

We have checked all o2 connectors and electrical connectors and found everything to be in order.

We have thought it may be the imrc's, but find it a bit strange that it just now starts after he get's it out of the shop.
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