My stock bracket for the fuel pump doesnt fit my 255 fuel pump the 255 is to big around to fit in far enough into the bracket to get the filter sock onto it. What do I do? Do you have to have another bracket made for a 255 or can you modify the stock one to fit. I am trying to get this one in now so I need help asap thanks guys!!!!!!
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well the part number is stamped into the pump so I dont think it is the wrong one. I could have a different bracket though. I cut the bracket hole on both sides so it opens up and the pump is in the bracket and I got a clamp to clamp ot back together so hopefully this works
ok I got everything back together and the car runs ALOT better. Maybe it is just me but the car takes off quicker. I was thinking that it could be that the engine is cold and the air coming in is alot cooler but 1 and 2 roosted and it went past 4500 ( the limit due to the small fuel pump) and I didnt hear any detnation or anything. It reved smooth and when it hooked took off like a bat out of hell. who knows I know when the car heats up it loses alot of power. I hope this fixed my power lose and makes everything run good
I've run into one occurance where the pump didnt fit right (it was on a 95 GT). It only took light trimming to make it fit though.

Glad to hear you got it whipped.
your power loss issue is from heat heat heat nothing more nothing less

there have been several cars ive seen with the pump being difficult to go in, im fixing to put a 255 in my 93 coupe but im using a gt40 pump :p