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Mar 16, 2014
Hey guys I just installed my motor and Tranz today and I also put in a d&d tubular k member now my drive line is off trans won't bolt to cross member it's about 1inch pushed to driver side and now my header is hitting my steering shaft. Is there any tweeting I can do or should I just pull it put stock k member back in and get a better quality one down the road I see no way to fix this prob and I don't wanna run a motor plate so I think it might have to come out? Any info would be great thanks!
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Did you square the Kmember with the car? When installing the Kmember, you're supposed to put it in with bolts still loose, drop motor in and square it up then tighten everything. If I were you, loosen up the K and try to shift things around to line up correctly. All of the bolt holes are slotted for this purpose.
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The old D7D k members had problems. I know, I own one. The shorten the front wheel base by 1" and do not clear some long tube headers. There are two motor mount options on the k member, one sets the motor back further than the other. Make sure you have the mounts in the right hole.