Help I need a Catted X/H for my Mac Long Tubes!


Founding Member
Jul 23, 2001
I have a custom stock H pipe cut down that is bolted up to my MAC long tubes right now. I need to replace a cat and I want to go ahead and buy a whole new midpipe; the only problem is I need to have cats this time :rolleyes: .

The only shorty catted pipe made by MAC is discontinued so I can't go that route. What other options/possibilities are there when it comes to what will bolt up with or without some adjustments made at an exhaust shop? I had a VRS o/r X about 5 years ago and the thing ended up being a piece of junk; it had a rattle somewhere in the pipe that we could never find.

Thank you in advance for your help; from a stanger who hasn't been around in a while.
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