Help me decide on suspension/rear end...


Apr 16, 2003
Houston, TX
My car makes way more power/torque than I can put to the ground and need to do what I should have done first. I'm not familiar with this topic and am not sure where to start or where to buy. My friend helped me come up with some suggestions on what might work well for my setup.

k member
coil overs
a arms
adjustable struts
sub frames
torque boxes welded in
31 spline axles and c clip

I was hoping to find maybe a kit for some of these parts to help save a little cash and hassle. Any advice or suggestions on where to buy would be greatly appreciated.
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You should also weld the axle tubes. I would look at some of the Maximum Motorsports box sets if I were you. This way you can get a whole matched set of stuff and I think there is a price break for buying it all in their box.
The maximum grip box is about $4500:

The Maximum Grip Box
NOW AVAILABLE! The MM Maximum Grip Box is quiet and composed enough for a street car, yet fast enough to win at the track. This box includes the following parts. Items different from the Road & Track Box are italicized.

# MM Strut Tower Brace*
# MM K-Member
# MM Front Control Arms w/ urethane bushings
# MM Front Coil-Over Conversion Kit
# MM Adjustable Tie-Rod Ends
# MM Standard Torque-arm
# MM K-Member Brace
# Solid steering shaft
# MM Full Length Subframe Connectors
# MM Aluminum rack bushings
# MM Panhard Bar with Aluminum rod
# MM Adjustable Rear Swaybar
# MM Caster/Camber Plates*
# MM Rear Lower Control Arms without spring perch or swaybar mount
# Hypercoil Coil-Over Springs
# MM Rear Coil-Over Conversion Kit
# Bilstein HD struts & shocks
# Urethane swaybar bushings
# Urethane swaybar endlinks