Help!!! Need Var Cam Time Live Data Values To Compare With!


Jun 6, 2013
I have a 2005 mustang gt that is running rough at low rpm and idle. There is no codes and no misfires (mode six) .... all mode six data is within specs! Runs good above 3000rpm and wide open throttle. I finally noticed that my live data reading for variable cam time adv and error 1and2 (in percent) are not even close to equal values but I have no reference value to go off so I do not know which variable valve solenoid is bad! With my dmm both have 13.5 volts and both are giving values in hz and % but they are now where near equal. I am assuming one is stuck closed or open. Any help would be much appreciated ..... I'm using a genisys 4.0 and reading manufacturer specific data not generic.
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