HELP...Nitrous question!!


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Feb 25, 2006
ok i just got an edelbrock EFI dry kit Part# 70400.... and it says 80hp on the website, on the box it says 50-120+ adjustable and the guy i bought it from says its good up to 150 with the jets that it came with and that he put another jet in for 175. :shrug: Now here is my question.....there are two Edelbrock solenoids on the rail plus there is another NOS powershot solenoid with a copper tube running out of it BEFORE the two edelbrocks. How in the hell do i adjust it and whats with all the solenoids for a dry kit????? please help me nitrous guys :hail2: The jets that came with the kit are #47nitrous and #59Fuel
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if you only have two jets then the kit is missing some jets it sounds like. I have a powershot setup in my car and my kit came with like 8 or 10 jets and was adjusable from 50 to 175 note: do not put the 175 shot in unless you have an upgraded fuel pump!!
Have you looked on for instructions? I don't have an Edelbrock kit, but many dry kits use two solenoids (not including the purge). The solenoids can be routed in series. Your nitrous activation toggle switch may open the first one. The second can be used as a safety. You can use a device to ensure the second solenoid is only hot when you have adequate fuel pressure so you don't go lean. There's more than one way to set it, depending on what other switches you use. Digital window switch, WOT switch for example.
if you only have 2 jets that only for one setting. Say 175 shot or 50. You should have gotten a little bag full of jets and a book to tell you what numbers equal what size shot.
Hey whats up man
You said that you have a edelbrock EFI dry kit, but you listed a fuel jet which makes it a wet kit. If it is a wet kit I hope when you hooked it up you put the nozzle behind the mass air flow sensor or your gonna have problems.
Or maby it was a dry kit upgraded to a wet kit with the third solenoid being the fuel. Point is without pictures of the pluming and wireing its really hard to help with a second hand kit that could have been modified.
And the only way to adjust the hp shot is to change the jets.
As for the jet sizes, I'm pretty sure those are the jets for the 100hp wet shot(NOS). I say pretty sure because I have never gotten the same answer twice when it comes to jet sizes.
But if I were you I would do some research before I sprayed just to know what you have before you go out to play.
Hope I helped and good luck.
well if it has 3 solinoids and jets for the fuel solinoid then set it up like a wet kit. a wet kit is better anyways. and like stated above to set up like a wet kit you mount it after your maf a dry kit mounts before. wet kit is safer.
The third solenoid with the copper tube is the purge kit. The reason you have two jets is the nitrous jet goes into the line that feeds N2O into the intake and the fuel jet is inline with a vacuum line that goes on your fuel pressure regulator to boost fuel pressure during nitrous use. This is a dry kit. And the jets you have are for 100hp shot which is actually probably only 80hp in actuality. Nitrous manufacturers have a way of exaggerating their numbers to keep people from melting pistons and blaming the nitrous. Don't give up on it, the info is out there and you can make good power with N2O.