Help Radio replacement stock 1997 4.6 Dolby mach & a/c bezel removal


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Jun 18, 2022
age 22 first car 97 4.6 automatic Dolby radio with mach

I am having trouble navigating how to remove the stock radio. The top one radio I have tried so many times is to use the metal radio brackets that insert into the radio to compress the springs; which make the radio slide out. But after 30 attempts it literally feels like there's something more behind being blocked so it won't slide out. Making me think I need remove the bezel that blocks the whole radio unit from coming out.

So I assume that the plastic bezel for the a/c radio plastic needs to be removed first. I've removed the two nugs underneath near the shifter. But I've seen two types of videos; one where people are simply able to just pull off the a/c bezel without needing to do anything but remove the two nugs, and the other where there are two deep screws behind each radio that need to come out before removing the plastic a/c bezel. I think my car has the two screws behind the unit because after removing the shifter plastic I tried pulling the botting part of the a/c plastic off and it felt so strong as if it was bolted in the middle.

If anyone has any knowledge on this a/c plastic bezel or factory radio removal of the 1997 mustangs please feel free to put down what you know, it would be greatly appreciated since I am planning on restoring this car throughout my life.

and both radios literally wont budge with the metal brackets inside, the plastic ac bezel also wont move anywhere along the middle

anyone who replies is a life saver thank you for what you have to offer
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I don't recall having to remove the bezel to get the radio out but when I did the bezel just popped in and out with clips. The radio is sometimes real tough to get out. You have to make sure the removal tool is inserted as far as it can go and wiggle it free.
There are 4 holes in the corners of the radio. You used these tools for removal

Amazon product ASIN B0007TC9LWView:

Insert one of the u-shaped tools in each side and push in firmly until you feel resistance. Gently bend them outwards while wiggling and pulling the radio. The tools release the clips on the edge of the radio allowing it to be slid outwards.

Here's a video