help with autometer tach. install


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Apr 9, 2002
New Jersey
Today i put my autometer cobalt tach in. Thing looks the balls, lights up great, but the tach part doesnt work. I spliced it into the brown wire with a white strip going to the ignition, is that correct? I'm actually thinkin it might be a faulty tach though, because i cant set the needle for the shift light, it only moves a tiny bit when i push the two buttons in. i read the directions 1000 times so its definitly not me being stupid. help please?:flag:
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I usually just run the green wire out the fire wall and to the coil its self. Get a voltmeter or a 5 dollar test lamp. there are two wires that go to the coil, one is a pulsing 12v and a steady 12v supply. The tach will take the 12v pulse to read. Hope this helps.