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Mar 1, 2013
Im looking to get new tires.
Currently Im have have the stock rims which i believe is 17x8, with Pirelli P Zero Nero 235/55ZR17 98W.
I want to get something wider and with more grip.
I have been looking into the Nitto NT555 Tire 255/50R17 101W.

My question is will be able to fit a 255/50 in a 8 inch rim safely.
Or should i go with and 235 front and 255 rear.

I think im ok with the load index.

This is just my summer car and I store it over the winter, but i will be driving it everyday during the summer. So if anyone had trouble with this tire please comment...
or any other tire suggestions

Thanks everyone!
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Based on your tire size, it looks like you are talking about the 2005+ mustang. Try posting in the 05+ forums and I suspect you will get plenty of input. The 94-04 which this section discusses uses a shorter wheel and tire combination.

Another resource would be the specifications available for every tire on tirerack.com. Find a tire and look at the specs to see if 8" wide wheel is within the suggested range. I suspect it will be, but you'll need to look at your car or ask the 05+ forum if the tire clears the suspension, ect.