Help With Used Sct Tuner

i am thinking that i had a tune already done on this car because it always hit hard and slammed in second, and third hard
ok i bought a used sct tuner, he had a 2004 gt 5 speed, i have a 99 gt auto, of course i loaded his race tune and my car would not idle, set it back to stock then went into stradigy tune and made sure the 93 was selected and turned off my rear o2 and turned my fans on sooner ect. and there is leaning out option and shift pressures. but as soon as i load the tune and drive the car the shifts get lazy like a stock car, so if i have a tune already and im setting the pressures all the way up why is it shifting lazy? is it like resetting the trans? or is the stradigy tune based off the custom tunes for the previous owner? or when i load my stock tune should i just leave the pressures alone and see if it shifts hard again?

an idea im having is that there is a tune already on my car so when i set my car to stock it just goes back to that, then i jack my setting up its just adding to the tune i already have and then not working right, i have not just left everything to see what it does,

another idea im having is that when i go into stradigy its just based off the previous owners car, but then i thought if it was it wouldnt really run at all like when i loaded the custom tune??? im confused as to whats happening??
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Well yea, you answered your own question. If it was a custom written tune for his car it might load in the PCM but the car will not run right. As I recall when I bought my tuner for my 96' and my current 2000 GT's from AM they wanted the strategy code and had every thing loaded on it when it hit my door. I would, if I were you, just pony up the small amount of cash that Bama charges for a more personalized custom tune for your Mustang.
If there was a tune already loaded into your computer, then you would not be able to load another tune into it. And you need to check with SCT but I'm pretty sure that some tuners had a different tuner for the 2004 GT than the 99-03. I think it was Superchips but you should look into it. There were some differences with the 04 model year.

Other things to look out for. If the trans was rebuilt with a trans pak or shift kit installed, then you cannot tune the trans. You have to leave the trans options stock. Otherwise your shift points and shift pressures will be off regardless of what you set it on with the hand held tuner. You may also loose acceleration...the engine will dead rev at WOT over a certain speed. So make sure that it is the stock trans and does not have any modifications to it. If it does, then leave the trans options on the tuner stock. But since you say it shifts hard, I'm thinking it had work done to it.