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Dec 30, 2013
i have done allot to get it this far. i have tried a few times to get advice ,but my frustration had me short tempered .my apologies to any one if i offended you in any way.

my problem is this . i have a ,2000 ford mustang v-6 coupe ,automatic transmission , aod,4r70w. i got the car it was ignition less and key less.but everything else worked .i bought a new ignition colander with programmable keys from orilleys auto parts .i then had a professional locksmith ,with certified pats programming license for ford and others, he is the service pro ford sends and triple A sends out .i live in rule area. he programmed it and the new key," only one yes i know it takes three to program the other keys ".but he had to erase a fault code to reprogram the computer. the big programmer Said its due to no factory stereo installed ,so he wiped the coeds and redid it. "some how " but it starts OK.. the air bag went off from the prior owner, and has been removed. there's a hole in the steering wheel where the air bag goes. the abs light flashes, i had a coed reader and it said no dtc presently stored on computer. but iv flushed the trans mission , tran cooler in and out lets tubs tell pink. changed fluid filter gasket ,tightened up the valve body to specks .no big loos chunks of metal at all ,just soot .but the fluid on flush was black old, no burnt smell... so here is my dilemma. it goes reverse in first gear ....and reverse in the reverse gear ....,like normal. but if i put it in to drive or second gear but gives up ,,like when all four tires are up in the air off the ground second gear spins the tire kinda ,at same as normal depression on peddle. drive goes exactly with the gas peddle pressure like usual .but no gear change in high speeds , i still go in reverse no matter in air or on the ground, first goes backwards and ,so does revers . does this mean new trans? i want to try doing it myself ,a rebuild kit high pro performance. but i need some more trouble shooting ideas. before i try rebuilding my trans . i don't want to pay 700 plus for a plugged valve body or simple computer sending switch .
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I was going to move this to the applicable technical forum but I can't even read this.

If you put all of that post into the forum using a cell phone or ipod then don't. Find a computer. Format your post carefully so that we can make sense of it. It will be MUCH easier to help you that way.

I don't you don't know me from Adam but there's a lot of long time members here that can tell you that I don't close down many posts from new members who are asking for help. I can't even recall the last time.

Please recreate and reformat your question so that we can assist.


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