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Nov 4, 2013
I just got done yanking my 5.0 out of my 91 fox body. Put in new freeze plugs and a different t5. So I got everything done and went to crank it, dome light even came on. Cycled the key a few times to build fuel pressure. As soon as I tried to crank it, all power goes away and no dome light. Tried to cycle key a few more times and nothing. Wait about a minute, I can cycle again but same thing when I tried to crank, nothing... I had a charger on it on 40 amp charge but it did the same with or without charger....
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Check for loose or corroded cables at the battery, solonoid and starter.

And...make sure you reconnected the engine ground strap. It's usually at the back of the drivers side cylinder head.
I would also check the main wiring harness around the engine for loose or disconnected ground wires. that's what sounds like is going on. normally there is a ground wire on the back of the engine coming from the main engine wiring harrness that has got to be hooked up in order for the engine to start