Hey t-top stang owners


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Jun 3, 2002
Hey t-top stang owners. I've got a 1988 mustang gt that has t-tops. I'm really new to the t-top world. I need a drivers side door that has sail mirrors (my door is un-repairable). Do know if a can replace my door with a convertible door if not, Why? also where would someone find this door online. I know shipping is going to kill me, but I'm desperate. I need a door bad... haha

any help on this door would be appreciated (yes i know you get this question all the time)


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ss93cobra said:
FWIW, my wife's r/h door on her 87 GT t-top got replaced with a vert. door and I didn't have to swap glass or anything of the sort, same style mirror as well.

What type mirror was on the car?? Wonder if the sail mirror or 87-88 t-top cars will work without swapping glass????? I tried trhe 87 vert doors on my 86 before swapping all the internals and the glass was about 1/2 to 3/4 inch short of the seal...