HIDs flickering once charged help please!

I recently got a xented hid kit for my car low beam only installed them and immediatly once they charged 100 percent they started somewhat dancing almost flickering but not actually goin on and off. Its as if the voltage is jumping around a few tenths and its reading it. I havent heard of people with hid's on their pony having this problem researched on google for a hour plus. I have seen people with dodge's having this problem and fixing it with capacitors and or relay's. Has any one else experienced this problem? If so any help would be killer I love the way they look and its not that bad just irritating. Thnx in advance o btw its a 8000k 9007 kit
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I would contact the company and chew them out, my $50 ebay HID kit doesn't do that and they look great (8000k) Maybe you should tell them to take their product and shove it and check out ebay as well because that sounds dangerous.
I did a web search and found a few threads where guys were complaining of Xentec HID kits flickering. Google "xentec hid kit flicker" to see what I mean.

It's possible that this is just what a cheap Chinese HID will do. HIDs require fairly complex power supplies to generate high voltage to fire off a HID bulb followed by a reduction in current and entering constant current mode. If you cheap out on the HID kit, the ballasts (power supplies) will be cheap too.

You can try a relay solution. Use your headlight power to trigger the relay and use larger-gauge wires (e.g. 14-awg) from the relay to the ballast power inputs. Make sure the ballasts have good grounding as well. Don't wire it in permanently at first...just lay it out to see if it fixes the problem...

But in reality, given how much "Xentec" and "flicker" show up on a web search, it's doubtful the relay will fix this.
I have already chewed them out they sent me a new set of bulbs.... Idk why that would fix the problem but it didnt. I tried running the power/ground direct that didnt fix it. I will check fuses today I bitched them out wicked today they our gonna send me a new set of ballasts.... Just seems weird that both would be bad. Connections our ksuper tight as well. I read somewhere something about capacitors? running them in with the wiring anyone heard of this? I have had several of my friends run this kit and have 0 problems that why I went with the xentec kit over others. Thnx for the help so far guys
does it do this when the car is on? I put hids in my step dads grand marquis and they will flicker on and off if I try to turn them on without the car running. I'm not using a relay harness either.

my mustang can turn my hids on no problem. Lows and fogs off the stock harness' with the car off.
They have no problem coming on running or not Its just once they charge all they way up the light kind of jumps/flickers but they stay on just fine. Its almost like a inconsistency in power or something. I figured this was a common problem for mustang owners I suppose not. Maybe these ballast's wil fix it. If anyone has any other input feel free to lmk thnx
Ok so new ballast's our in the mail I still just dont think this is goin to take care of my issue tho. I found a anti flicker plug n play capacitor set up on ebay for 15 bucks that eliminates the crappy home made style wiring harness that comes with the kit. Includes resistors and capacitors inline it says this is a common prroblem with cheap kits. That it is trying to put 55 watts to the hid's but they our only 35 watt ballast's/bulb's. And that this is my problem and what they are saying this causes is pretty much down to the t what I got goin on. Do you guys think this is legit or just a waste of cash. And I should just wait for my new ballast's? Thanks