Hood painted...now it won't latch!

Black Stampede

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Sep 3, 2002
Grand Rapids, MI
Hey guys, I got a Cobra R hood last summer unpainted from a friend and put it on my car to make sure it fit and all and after a little drilling out of the hood brackets it fit fine.

Last night I finally got it back from getting it painted and although the hood seems to be in align it will not latch for anything. You can push it down so its all the way flush to where it should be sitting, but it won't latch that second latch.

It just doesnt make much sense since it worked last year.

Any ideas would be great!
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Try dropping it from 1/2 way open. I know it seems weird but its just the way the fiberglass hoods close sometimes. :shrug: I have to close mine that way and peeps freak when they see me dropping it from that height.
Ok, dont drop the hood too hard because fiberglass will break. I had this SAME problem with my CF hood, just take off the plastic radiator cover thing, loosen the two bolts on the stock latch, push the latch itself as high up (towards the hood) as it will go. Tghten the bolts BACK down on the latch and try to push the hood down so itll latch, should work fine, then you can put back on your radiator cover. Good Luck
did they bake it when they painted it? when i got my saleen wing painted it heated it up an then it took a little work to make it fit right after that but its fine now
just had the same problem with my cobra r hood... had to lift the latch like stated above... If the radiator cover was out it would shut fine...

Now my hood sits a little high but not too noticeable, but still :notnice: