hood scoop


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Mar 31, 2005
Atlanta, GA
i believe someone mentioned in passing they were having the same problem as me about their scoop on their hood about the left hand side of the scoop(CLOSEST to the driver) is elevated from the car...whats the best way to fix this? or is there no way and i have to deal with it?


if you follow the line carefully you can see the the left side is lifted and can be pressed down with your fingers

any help will be appreciated :nice:
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May 31, 2002
If you take the scoop off there is weatherstripping on the bottom of the scoop. Likely it is gone or completely compressed on the passenger side of the scoop. The scoop should not be actually touching the paint as it will rub right through it if it does. I had the same problem with mine and I pulled the scoop, got a good quality thin rubber weatherstripping and replaced the factory weatherstripping and put it all back together. It takes some playing with the bolts that hold the scoop on to get the gap even all the way around.